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"I'm very lucky to be doing what I love as my profession. Entertainment allows me to travel and meet interesting new people all the time. I hope we are able to work together soon.."

Manuel Lupen (master of ceremony)

Best Wedding DJ - Generating Excitement

Competent, persistent and very dedicated person, ready to face new challenges and give all the best to satisfy highest entertainment standards. 

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Cosmopolitan And Attentive Wedding Venues

Actively creating tailor made entertainment to fit particular wedding venues ..  Percussionist, MC,  DJ and Vocalist Manuel Lupen

The Performance:

My entertainment performance is tailor made for every event and planned according to the demands of the working environment. I have worked with different nationalities and various ages from children to older generations.

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My performance does not consist only from Dying but it's more like a fun act combined with dancing, playing percussion instruments interacting with people such as an stand up artist, Master of Ceremonies and singing current hits or some evergreens depending on the demands.

"the music I play..."


Various from oldies, old school to new school, I have a variety of music genres at my fingertips. Latin vibe, African rhymes, RnB, Soul, Disco, Funk, House are just some of the directions we can take your musical journey. Master of Ceremony and Percussionist as well as DJ bringing you entertainment news.

"singing is just one of the things you can expect at the venue... "


Check out some of my entertainment work below or simply contact me and we will see how can I best assist you. :)

From wedding venues and Gala Dinners to various Outdoor and indoor venues. My role consist of being the master of ceremony to your best wedding dj!!

About this artist:

  ★ Manuel Lupen is an Italian Disc Jockey, Vocalist, Master of Ceremony and Percussionist originating from Rijeka, Croatia.  He is well known in Europe and abroad for his charismatic performances and interactive entertainment both as a soloist and in groups. One collaboration of note is Manuel’s work with Producer and DJ Luca Montecchi - " me he is a teacher, friend and a colleague for many years... “.    

Manuel’s skills and experience as a Dj has earned him a great reputation for moving the dance floor. He has a diverse collection of music at his fingertips. Every one of his sets is tailor made but you can always expect melodic, dynamic and dance floor friendly tracks.   

Well known for his charismatic performances, both as a soloist and in groups. Regularly performing with Global Disco, a versatile disco/soul collective Manuel showcases his talents as a percussionist and Vocalist.

Another influence to Manuel’s work is definitely Hrvoje Rupčić, well known for being the first and greatest contributor to Afro-Cuban music in the Balkans.  
Manuel has pursued his talents and interest in Afro-Cuban music further with his study with Oscar Valdez in Havana, Cuba.  

Currently studding at "Studio Maraton" - a music school run by Mr. Olja Dešić. He is always willing to acquire new skills and experience.    

“I firmly believe that the quality and professionalism of the human resources constitutes the base of every company which wants to “make the difference” in a competitive market as the actual. “ entertainment news

Manuel Lupen    

Ride Like The Wind - Manuel Lupen

This track was recorded in studio Maraton - Rijeka Croatia.

Originally performed by Christopher Cross.

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Beautiful Maria Of My Soul

Performed by Manuel Lupen, this track is a cover of the original "Beautiful Maria of my Soul" (Spanish: Bella María de mi alma) is a song prominently featured in the 1992 motion picture The Mambo Kings. In the film, it is performed in Spanish by Antonio Banderas and in English by Los Lobos. 

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Manuel Lupen & Santo Lazaro

Check this best wedding dj and master of ceremony ..

Showreel 2018

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Manuel Lupen performing with Disco/Soul/Funk collective Global Disco in 2018 as master of ceremony, Percussionist and Vocalist.

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Manuel Lupen the master of ceremony performing at Sundance Beach Club - Rabac Girandella Beach (Croatia) best wedding dj

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DJ Video

Performing as DJ - France 2017

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MC Video

Performing at the ATP Umag - Croatia

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Percussionist Video

Performing as Percussionist with Global Disco band - Opatija, Croatia 2017 #master of ceremony #best wedding dj #wedding venues

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