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Musicology Arts and Entertainment is a brand started in 2015, in other words an agency dealing with live performers and providing booking/logistic service for big and small venues as well as production of technical requirements of high standards in an market as actual.  Apart from arts and entertainment network, a branch of our agency is dealing with tourism in Croatia.

Our Favorite Work

"At the end of the day, the work we enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to our performances. There's nothing worse than an audience that doesn't react to you and just watches passively. Our objective is to have a Pro-Active performance every time we step on the stage, interacting dynamically with the crowd".

Manuel Lupen


Paul Spaccavento - Vento Entertainment Dubai

As an Entertainment agency present on the Middle East market we had a pleasure of working with Musicology Entertainment for past 6 years on numerous occasions – including B2C and B2B events and parties for various clients. "If you're looking for someone to be the life of your next party, look no further." We confidently give it the highest recommendation.


Paul Spaccavento

Vento Entertainment, Dubai

Vedras d.o.o. Pazin

I strongly recommend Musicology Entertainment for your events. They have shown to be an outstanding DJs at two V IP events here in Istra – Croatia 

1) Adria Summer Festival 2016 in Medulin and 2) LHW hotel where he performed on NYE’s party.  We are proud if his ambitions will move him further.   Always on time, wearing smile, professionalism and showing little, but meaningful touches aim to create memorable music experiences to our V IP guests. Manuel received many excellent comments and recognitions about his work from guest comments. His big advantage is his ability to adjust to various types and concepts of events. 

1) ADRIA SUMMER FESTIVAL 22.07.2016./ LIVE PERFORMANCE WITH GOD BAND BEFORE MAIN ARTIST DJ DAVID MORALES   Global Disco program: Soul, Funk and Disco evergreens in original and club variations. Live DJ sets with saxophone and percussions. VIP guests 2000+   

2) VIP NEY YEAR EVE THEMED PARTY 2017: HOLLYWOOD GLAM   Global Disco program: Soul, Funk and Disco evergreens in original and club variations. Live DJ sets with saxophone and percussion. Hotel Monte Mulini Lobby bar.   No. of guests 200

"This performers know how to get into the head-space of the audience. They gave an enthralling performance from start to finish."


Daniel Smokovic Director 

Vedras d.o.o. Pazin  

Novi Marketing d.o.o.

I own the company Novi Marketing in Croatian through which I’m executing a number of festivals and events for clients such as Generalli Insurance, Samsung, Philip Morris, Hotel chains like Maistra, Valamar etc. 

For ten years as a part of our team’s “engine”, Manuel is a creator and a performer.   For any further information, please feel free to contact me.

"I've already recommended this performers to all my friends. They were so lovely and professional. I can't wait to work with them again!"

Vladimir Pausic (D.J. Luca Montecchi) 

Novi marketing d.o.o. 

Oranice 108, Zagreb, Croatia 


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